Sunday, October 3, 2004

Useless Weekend

A lot of people use up their weekends, the time when they actually can spend time for themselves, to freshen up, enjoy themselves, play sports, go hiking, take a trip our of town... anything to unwind the previous week's craziness just so come monday morning, everything is back to normal (especially a rested mind). Well... that's a lot of people, not all.

I went to Bandung Saturday morning on the train with Tanti, planning to go to Dian's wedding reception (they are both class of '97 like me). So i left the house at about an hour before the train departure time (i bought the tickets beforehand...), picked up Tanti and just made it at the station with only 5 minutes to spare. No time to grab a snack at the train station... so we had to revert to buying on the train, some fried rice. Yeech. Won't ever do that again.

Yadi picked me up at the station, while Tanti's mom and pop picked her up. The plan was i stay the night at Yadi's.. and for the wedding, me, Yadi and Tanti wil go together. But before i went to Yadi's house, there was time to spare, so we went to Yari's house (another 97er, like Yadi) and hung out there, before eating a late lunch with Luki, and office friend of Yadi and Yari, and Yari's sister, Muti. Before heading home, we stopped by a DVD store and i bought THX 1138, 2010: The Oddesy Continues and John Mayer - Any Given Thursday. Unfortunately, it was already 5.30 when we left the DVD store, when the reception was at 7 o'clock way accross town from Yadi's house... so we rushed home to prepare, trying to avoid the unusual traffic jams.

After going more or less all around town to pick up Tanti and heading to the reception location... Yadi's car, a Beetle, that had not been used in a month, broke down, almost only 1 km from the location! And there we were, all dressed up and nowhere to go. So we called Yari who had reached the reception first and asked him to pick us up, and worry about the Beetle later, and managed to reach the reception at 9, hehehe.. just when everybody had gone home. hahaha. so did quick greetings with the bride and groom, mingled with friends... and it was time to go home anyway.

Me and Yadi gave a shot at starting the Beetle again.. it started, but only went about a third of the way home. So I called up Sena (another 97er) who lived nearby where we broke down again... and finally, after stowing Yadi's car at a relative's house, Sena and his wife, Santi drove us home, but only after we had proper meal at BUBUR KRIBO! you guys should try it. best chicken porridge in the world.

When we finally reached home, after such a long, bad day, i forced myself from sleeping to install a DVD playing program on the laptop so me and Yadi could watch John Mayer... when we finally did start to watch.. we both fell asleep.

Sunday was more filled with lazing around, and getting the Beetle back home, there wasn't much time for thought or contemplation, something i've been needing a lot lately... so... the weekend was practically useless. I didn't feel going to the office today, when it is only my 2nd day on the job.

Me and Tanti left for Jakarta at 5 pm on the train, and we were picked up at the station by her ex... then finally... i could sit back, relax, and watch the newly bought DVDs on the Mac. I watched 2010, one of the landmark movies of my childhood, and a movie i haven't watched for so long, i forgot the story.. and not a lot of people know about the movie, so i could not borrow it anywhere.

So did i get what you usually get during the weekend? I don't think so... but then again... I never do.

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