Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Human Drama Of Sunday

After picking up my phone at Oettie's place Sunday morning (Oettie was barely awake) i retested the DVDs i bought the other day, one by one, and apparently 2 of them did not work on my G4. Oh well. I'll test them on my laptop later... at 10, Mom and Dad picked me up to go to a family gathering, something our extended family usually does before the fasting season.

I met up with my cousin, one of only 3 or 4 cousins from my fathers' side who were generally the same age as me, and like we usually do when we meet, we discussed our life, our lovelifes, hehehe... apparently she had just broken up as well with her boyfriend and almost fiance of a couple of years! Yeah.. and we were agreeing on this and that, on why it couldn't go on anymore, on what loss we felt... but all my other relatives were going "hey, where's your girlfriend? why do you keep hiding her?" and i just smiled... the event was filled with a lecture from an ulama about the fasting season, and asking forgiveness to friends and family, and lunch... afterwards, a discussion session between the siblings (i fell asleep on the couch, and was told to move to my cousin's room.. hahaha..)

while that was going on, apparently Sacha got robbed! she lost her entire bag, wallet, handphone, PDA, and everything else in there... man... there's a heartbreak. so after i had reached my room again after the event, i went to sacha's house to just, well, be there. I accompanied her for taking a polaroid for a new citizen card, buy a new SIM card for her backup phone, and dinner. I bought her our favorite chocolate milkshake at Izzi Pizza, the best medicine for stress or hurt...

Man, i would go crazy if that happened to me... and after experiencing several important losses (i lost 3 bicylces during the span of my childhood!) i am very protective of my personal belongings... if i put something out of place in my room i would go crazy trying to find it, thinking that i lost it... but on the other hand, there's a good reason not to have the latest in handphone or gadget technology... your heart would truly break when you lose it.

oh boy, the trappings of consumeristic life.

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