Monday, October 18, 2004

Sick Of It All! (Or Just Plain Sick?)

Today, i woke up for sahur... but only drank a little, and fell asleep again. My body wasn't feeling any better anyway, and Mom tld me not to fast for the day, at least until i'm feeling better, because flu makes you dehydrated, so i have to keep up drinking. So when i finally woke up at about 7... i just got up and drank whatever was around (well... i only have water in my room...) and started to eat some bread from the fridge... so i could eat my medicine.

Spent the morning in bed after breakfast, either playing Need For Speed (i still suck at it) or chatting on Yahoo! Messenger, with a couple of people...

I must say, even if i'm not going to elaborate here... finally, a few problems i have have finally almost come to rest. I must say, i'm relieved. Thus, my new life can really begin, but not forgetting the past either. Who knows what will happen next, but at least, things are starting to look better.

Another thing, my fridge is currently well stocked with chocolate! I persuaded both Vira and my boss to buy me chocolates while they were in Singapore, hahahaha... so the days will definitely be better! Chocolate is one of my ultimate indulgencies and addictions, not to mention that it helps calm me down... also, the taste isn't bad, either :D

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