Sunday, August 31, 2008

Crash Into Me

Saturday night. I was doing about 70 km/h on Gatot Subroto with Saski, on the way to Semanggi to meet Sacha - we and a couple of friends got together for a sort of post-wedding party, as we were Sacha's wedding committee, making sure everything went ahead as planned on her special day.

Entering the Semanggi area from the direction of Slipi, we were nearing the ramp off down to Sudirman, where I planned to go straight and make the turn to Plaza Semanggi ahead when suddenly a gold-coloured Innova cut us off at high speed and crashed his rear to the right of our front end. It was so fast that I didn't have time to brake, so a small collision was unavoidable. Luckily it was more of a brush, and so when the Innova continued its turn down to Sudirman, I took chase and flashed my lights to him several times before he finally stopped in front of GKBI.

When he stopped and got out, he was already bowing apologies while checking his car. I stopped the car right behind him, and almost punched his lights out. I might of did so as well if the person didn't have the tact to know that he was the one in the wrong. I yelled at him for a few minutes, before asking his responsibility for this matter. He said I should follow him to his office to sort things out... which is in Tanjung Priuk. Too jacked up with adrenaline to think straight, I gave him my card (which he said his office will call me on Monday) and told him this should be a lesson - what if the crash was worse? How would he live with it?

To this minute nobody has called. Insurance can cover the damage to the car, but not to my temper.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


This weekend, I am helping out a good friend at her marriage reception... and at the same time, there is a big family gathering; even my brother has come down from Tokyo.

Help out one or the other? It tears me up... even when I already had made the decision...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We'll Miss Your Music

LeRoi Moore, the critically-acclaimed saxophonist for my favorite band, Dave Matthews Band, has just recently passed away.

We'll miss you and your music, man.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

63 Years Down The Drain... Really?

Today we celebrate our beloved country's independence, which has been 'independent' for the last 63 years. Why the quote marks on 'independent'? If we are truly independent, then why are our billboards and TVs filled with ads from overseas brands? Why are almost all of our most important industries controlled by foreign interests? And nobody cares - the state of the country it is in right now shows that.

But really, after 63 years, do we have anything to show for it? Yes. We have our country, our nation, our flag, our culture and our language - something a lot of other people don't really have.

We need to show that we are worthy of it - we need to earn our place in this hard-fought country. We may even have to fight our countrymen whose self-interest goes above the greater good - the 21st century 'war' - but fight we will.

Sunday, August 3, 2008