Wednesday, December 26, 2007

There Are Less Motorcycles in Solo

Yes that's right! Even in a predominantly motorcycle-driving provice like Central Java, and the relative size of Solo, we don't see teeming masses of motorcycles, and naturally, they are less, um, aggresive in getting way. There was always an incident or two where the motorcycle drivers would go around without helmets, go the wrong way or refuse to stop even though a collision is almost immenent... but the scale is simply much smaller than chaotic Jakarta.

Well anyway, I'm not posting to complain about motorcycles.

My dear friend Tickz had her wedding in Solo on Friday, 21 December 2007, so me and Sas took the opportunity to do some travelling to an unfamiliar city. We arrived 21 Dec afternoon after our flight was delayed 2 times (!) and after an extended afternoon nap, we attended Tickz' wedding in the evening. It was huge! There must of been 1000 people there. I forgot to bring the camera so did not take any pictures.

We did, however, take pictures on the following day, going around Solo (and buying souvenirs for the family). Here's the pictures! I hope they're more attractive than my words.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Pictures Galore - (Almost) All The Pictures You'd Want To See About Our Wedding

So... finally I have uploaded all the wedding-related pictures I have on my computer. The batch of professional shots done by our photographer is still in the works; so here we see pictures shot by Saski's cousin Astried. The honeymoon shots are done by ourselves with a standard pocket digital camera. So... enjoy! There will be more to come after these...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

4 Days And Counting...

yep, 4 days away, including today.

They say it's one of the biggest steps in the process of human life. A lot of friends ask the same old routine questions like "Are you sure?" or "Are you nervous?"; the answer is 1) yes I'm sure and 2)not yet; ask me again on the wedding day.

My insecurity complex is yelling "what if you can't make her happy?" but Saskia assures me that I do. Good times are easy, bad times are hard, but we both can get through them without much fuss, apparently. Well, hopefully so in future days also.

Some friends have asked on whether they could get us something as a wedding present, so in no particular order, we have made a wedding gift wish list. I have no idea why on earth anyone would want to buy us anything, but here's the list just in case:
  1. Refridgerator 200 liter
  2. Microwave
  3. Carpet
  4. Sofa (2 or 3 seater)
  5. Side Table
  6. Bed Cover King Size (180 x 200 cm)
  7. Standing Lamp
  8. Spoon & fork set
  9. Small Spoon & Fork set
  10. Home computer (preferably a Mac)

Phew! The wedding gift list is a very... erm, Western tradition, but it should be effective, rather than people with the best intentions all giving us rice cookers (thus ending up with 8 or 9 of them). But the gift list is the least of my concerns... I'm just worried that the wedding reception on Sunday does not go to plan... ah but to hell with it. Let it be; the most important thing is that I am getting married!

Pray for us ya :) We surely hope for the best!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Everyone Who Hates Mondays, Raise Your Hand!

Ever dread the coming Monday morning? Ever want to just call in sick and forget Monday ever happened? Tell me, right here.

So this post is an open forum (like everything else on the internet isn't...) tell me why if you hate Mondays or not, and why. This is my reason:
I have to be in internal meetings all day, and get hammered for lack of ideas when the all my other ideas aren't even mentioned.

So... spill it!

Monday, October 29, 2007

New Room Layout

Pending a life-changing event, I decided to start the new layout for my room (shortly, our room) to just try out what we have been talking about for a while. The bulk of the bed eats up a lot of space in the room, and so we decided to push it into one of the corners, and adjust everything else from there. Well, I'll let the pictures tell the story :).

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Online Hyperlinked Personal Advertisment

There are some who write for themselves, and hoping to share thoughts simultaneously to friends and strangers. There are also some who write hoping to be read by the masses, and there are some who write to express themselves, opinitating on a topic. Some write just to entertain themselves and their friends with jokes and anecdotes. All this, made into reality, or hyperreality, in the form of the various blogs on the net. There's even a service called Twitter that takes personal journaling to microscopic levels, with people blogging through SMS talking about which loaf of bread they bought at the grocery store.

The various online social networks like Multiply, Friendster, Facebook, and all the thematic derivatives (career-oriented or interest-oriented) become the new face of humanity, ever more so than the clothes they wear and the music they listen to in presence of company. Self-expression has reached levels of high-volume information, where you can find out more about a person from their online profile rather than conversing with them (which they did in the old days). The thirst for individual expression has become part of the entertainment industry, from ringbacktones (which are total nonsense for the old guard) to status messages on your instant messaging applications, to putting your website address on your car or t-shirt.

People want to know much more other people, and want them to know about them, on a much larger scale, in a shorter time. And then forget about it.

Eventually, it's still the people we meet every day (or maybe not every day) and know in depth, where we know how they walk, how they eat, how they sit, that become the most important relationships we have. We bare our souls in chatrooms and place all our interests on our profile, and share our opinions on a blog, yet they are countered by faceless netizens (although they have avatars now). The internet thus is the like the radio, where it intices the imagination to fill in the blank spots. It's like a sufficiently platonic social platform, fully personalisable, although, popularly, some take it to the next level.

Me? I'll stick to blogging.. .and trying to ace higher Movie Triviascores on Facebook.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Obviously Because.

Haven't been writing here for a while, obviously because.
Have been getting less sleep, obviously because.
Have dreaded every morning before showering, obviously because.
Have felt frustrated before even starting anything, obviously because.
Have asked 'What's the point?' to the air at random moments, obviously because.
Have pulled long sighing breaths, obviously because.
Have complained to motorcycles on the road for no apparent reason, obviously because.
Have made my fiance worry about me daily, obviously because.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

3 Years Going

This post is 2 days late, yet it still markes something significant - I have lived in the blog space for 3 years, ever since starting my job at my current company, where everything started anew. Last year I commemorated it with a fictitous post placed 2 years in the future... now, I'll try to envision the future 3 years ahead. This post is a tribute to the best things in life that have happened to me since, and the worst also... and that we always have to feel grateful.

Jakarta, October 3rd, 2010
It's 9 PM and I'm still at the office. There is so much work to do; there's nobody else to do it but me; that's one of the risks of running a cost-efficiency oriented small business. Reports here, presentations and proposals there; the papers are just stacking. Well, virtually stacking, I abolished 70% of paper use in the office a year ago, and invested in laptops and several projectors for the whole office. File-editing collaboration online is finally showing its benefits; the online office suite provided by Adobe is also much more fun to use compared to Google.

I better wrap this up soon, or else my wife will kill me (again). My daughter is in her unintelligible speech fase, and she needs all the language stimulation she can get to help form her future vocabulary... and I miss them both. My wife and I have an arrangement; never bring work home unless it's absolutely necessary, so I'm toiling away the hours here so once I reach home, I can concentrate on home issues more effectively. The period of stress and mental breakdown (well, almost) of a few years back comes to mind, and we both agreed that our future well-being, for each other and for our daughter, comes first than any kind of paycheck. Money is such a transitory thing, it just passes your hands to another, and for things that are transitory as well. Of course, enough money helps a better life, but it shouldn't dictate our lives either. At least, by running my own business, I have more control on such things.

It's been 6 years since I started this blog, and a lot has happened since then. Hopefully I'm a better person than before, and I hope I've done more for the greater good... somehow. I am happy, but a good lesson growing up is that you can only be truly happy if you can appreciate what you have.

Ok... time to go home, and leave the work for now. Good thing the office is only 20 minutes from home :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Bigger Picture

The older we are (which essentially means the wiser we are, not by age), the more we see of the bigger picture; usually brought on by lessons learned or revelations witnessed. It doesn't have to be a sea-splitting event, but small things like getting your paycheck on time every day (a lot of us forget, that is something we should be grateful of), drinking a cold bottle of green tea, or getting an unexpected but welcome call from an old friend.

The bigger picture, so to speak, is how we view ourselves in the world and how the world interacts with us; so it would sum up work, life, home, and so many other aspects of life. How we create our 'picture frame' of our version of the bigger picture, differs from one person to another; some push their careers and let the other factors fall in line, some turn to God, some do this, some do that... and it's all OK. We shouldn't judge people on how or what they pick; then again, we shouldn't judge people at all.

One of the hardest things to learn growing up is facing the fact that you can't have everything; nothing can ever be perfect; that comprimise is the best currency for relationships available; and being grateful even for all the shit you get in life. I think these points form my picture frame, and I have to remember this mindframe every single second.

I just hope this blog post doesn't go off as a 'holier than thou' thing and remains a medium to share my thoughts with the world. A blog doesn't always have to be full of complaints, tribulations or reviews.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why Should I Care Anymore?

Every morning (or even late at night, almost at bedtime) there is always something that pisses me off about work. ALWAYS. It ends up making the whole day like shit. So why should I care anymore? Why why why?

Monday, September 3, 2007

A Step In A New Direction

The obvious routine of many years back will soon come to a close; the sole accompaniment of TV news or some music from the computer will be changed soon. Breakfast will become an event, not an afterthought; dinner will be as eventful (and lunch, will still be lunch). Of all the things I have either conciously or subconciously wanted, the main theme would be a change for the better. That is what drives me ahead. Whether I make the wrong choice or the right one, it is still better for me to push ahead, rather than go blank and wither in the same spot all over again.

I don't think I'm a risk taker, but I admit I do take calculated risks; don't throw away the boat for something that's still remotely possible, I say. Gambling is frowned upon anyway in my religion, especially gambling with your life. Risk taking, however, is a part of life and part of how you learn things (especially if you fall flat on your face). And, as they say, anything that happens, has a hidden lesson in it. You just have to look for it.

As with many major decisions in my life, there has always been guidance from above to form opinion and reinforce my confidence in the decision, after considering all factors. Nothing's going to be perfect, but it's going to be great!

So as a step in a new direction, I am now officially engaged with Saskia :). We will post details about the marriage date as soon as possible.

Wish us luck :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Today, I'm waking up early for a photoshoot... a friend was supposed to help me out with the costumes and stuff but she bailed out on totally the last minute... Of course, I can manage, I guess, but 'bad planning' comes to mind, and I can't help feeling disappointed. But then again, what can I do? Many things hold priority over tagging along for my photoshoot with Saskia.

I must be hungry. Things will be better after I eat, I guess. So now I'll just fantasize about a prospective new computer purchase intended for home use. The new iMac looks cool... not particularly cool on the pocket, though. Anyone need some English-Bahasa Indonesia translations, or a freelance bass player?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Review: The Bourne Ultimatum

Genre: Action & Adventure
Before we go to the storyline, we really should take a look at the cinematography. Many people describe 'cinematography' as really great landscape shots, or those close-up shots that tell you what the person is feeling, or those 'art' shots where everything is beautiful and somehow compositioned. I say, better expand that definition, guys; the best cinematography, other than giving you stunning visuals, brings you the story more than the dialogue can, thanks to the creative collaboration of the director and the cinematographer. Thumbs up for this movie; every moment I really felt the tension, not because the car crashes and firefights were done in picture perfect clarity, but the camera did its own interpretation of the tension as well. It just shook, fell, went out of focus in tune with the action on the screen.
As for the story... also a thumbs up. The intricacies, the conspiracies, the tension, all there... the only thing leaving me wondering was, since it's such a good movie, how come I don't hear puritans screaming 'it's totally different from the book' (which it is, anyway)? I seemed to get a lot of those complaints for 'Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix'. Well, maybe, not many have read the books.

I recommend everybody to get to reading...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Krayola @ SOUND 62, Mangga Dua Square

We got a gig at Mangga Dua Square (again) for an Independence Day event, Sound 62... the sound system was much, much better that day. Here are some photos. But I guess, for band pictures, once you've seen the pictures of us live, you've seen them all, hahaha... just background changes. Hopefully we'll be able to get some video of us live some time in the future.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Always Providing Options

Out of habit and nessecity, any time a friend, colleague or loved one is faced with a problem or decision, I always try to help provide options to work it out; I always apply this to my work as well (just to be sure, so whenever there's only one solution to a problem, I'm pretty confident that it is the only one). The options are always dependent on choices, limitations and goals related to the problem or decision.

But then again, I always need help to make sure all options are laid out. So... help.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Aftermath Of Friday (And Saturday)

Early Sunday morning, me and Pietter were already on our way to Plaza Semanggi to meet up with Eriz, for the trip to Bogor. We intend to continue our recording session with Krayola there, and Sunday was the only day this month our schedules matched for a full-day trip. More details at Krayola's official website.

Eventually, the problem at the office was solved, due to the hard work and patience of Eja and Intan, and I'll be sure to at least treat them to lunch or dinner some time. Thanks guys!

As for the bass.... I still haven't thought of it. Maybe I'm trying not to think of it. I only got as far as, maybe I should put up an 'emergency bass replacement fund' on my blog to receive any donations, hahaha... but seriously, what do you think?

Friday, August 10, 2007

F***ed Up Day

This morning, Saskia called to give me some bad news: the electric bass I had asked a friend to help fix was robbed out of his car last night, along with the guitar effect in the same bag, and his iPod. To this minute, I still don't know how to react to that news, considering that the bass came along with quite an effort. But on the fringes of my mind, I feel sad...

But I had to block it out for the day. There was a lot happening at work, lots of details, meetings and deadlines to meet. So I put it aside for the day...
In the meantime, the office was running a contest to send a winner overseas; but many complications came out of the project, a lot of them unforseen, but a lot of basic elements caused it, as the program was a bit forced from the start by my superiors. I don't want to play the blame game, but I'm pretty sure that somebody will. I feel sorry for Eja; she took the brunt of the problems and confided in me, where I should be helping her. I don't know if I helped enough, and I don't think she got enough support from elsewhere, frankly. Save your ass to save it another day, I guess.

I'll see if I can work out the problems tomorrow, as it is only tomorrow we can work it out.

Meanwhile, the fact about the lost electric bass still remains in its box, untouched...

Thursday, August 9, 2007

One Hour And Counting...

We left the office at about 7. Pitty and Okis wanted to take a cab home, so I obliged. One not-so-short snooze later, WE'RE STILL ON THE ROAD! And the road is filled by increasingly impatient people wanting to reach home. But at least, we're not so far now...

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Loving The Camera

Last night, I was unwinding on the bed, when suddenly Meong sent me a text message - 'Joe! You're On TV!' I immediately turned on the TV and sure enough, there I was... I helped Sacha out for her show last year, reviewing some music phones, and finally I got to watch the episode, heheh. Some other friends spotted me and sent text messages as well, and this morning Mom called saying she watched me as well, as my uncle spotted me and called them to watch.

Boy, I look fat. But I'll try to love the camera...

Monday, July 30, 2007

Krayola @ STIE Trisakti

Atas bantuan manajer Krayola yang baru, Anye, kita berkesempatan untuk manggung di acara 'MTV Tamu Istimewa', lokasinya di STIE Trisakti, Grogol. Kebetulan kita yang manggung pertama...di bawah ada slideshownya, silakan menikmati...

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Ever feel the dread, just when you wake in the morning?
Ever feel your eyes heavy the split second before slumber?

It's a good thing I have my beloved chocolate caramel, or else I'd be nuts by now.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

On The Prowl

Hunting for purposedly dropped scraps of food, negotiating the jungle of sofas and other furniture; sleping under the shade of tables; seeking out petting as the only reward of the grueling feline life.

It's tough being a house cat.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Heartburned, But Not Of Love

I'm having heart problems, but not of the medical sort, and not the love/romance sort either...

Ever put your heart into something you love doing or working on, but only to meet utter disappointment and negative response in the end? It's something like changing a flat tire in the pouring rain, only to find out the spare tire is flat as well after lowering the jack, but this time it's multiplied exponentially. The bad feeling carries over to the only escape that most of us have from the real world, our dreams, and propagates back into our conciousness even stronger.

It's psychological, definitely; picture waking up early in the morning and feeling tired already, but not just the body, but the soul as well. I feel drained even before the day takes its opportunity to drain me. But then again... it might be the consequences of what I am doing right now... the stress level comes with the package... but does it have to be this way?

I have a choice, right?

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Large Purchase

My brother, who is visiting Jakarta in-between jobs and burning up excess leave, came by to stay the night at my place because he wanted to meet some friends in Jakarta, and going home to Serpong simply isn't practical. Along with him he brought some birthday gifts, a digital camera (something I have always been postponing on buying myself) and an iPod Shuffle (the newer, smaller one). Great presents man! thanks.
On the same day, we went to ITC Fatmawati to get him an Indonesian number, as I he needs one and I'm giving my beloved RAZR V3X to him and just get a cheaper Sony Ericsson model for testing various stuff for work (if I ask the office to purchase it for me, it will just take forever); I also got a memory card for the digital camera; 1 GB would be more than enough for my habits. I think a lot of things would require the occasional documentation, especially the days ahead :).

I have been very stressed out at work, apparently, and have been disappointed with a lot of small, unimportant stuff in work and life, that the new and old things in my life have lifted up the dread a little. But if there's one thing that I'm looking forward to, it's November :).

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I think it's been quite a while since I really, really ranted, complained and cursed on my blog. Really long time. But the period comes and I just complain about everything, and not without reason.
According to a lot of people, I am noticably more stressed out than I usually am, and for very good reasons. Work has been a total hell; the pressures of a multinational music company expecting more and more sales in a declining and 80% piracy market is finally taking its toll. All hopes are for digital music to eventually take up most of the business, but the current state of things is a total mess. Partners are uncooperative, thinking they own the music business (which they don't), other parties are just trying to make a quick buck by suing everybody and see who breaks down and pays. On the consumer side, a lot of people are complaining why MP3s should be protected from copying when CDs are not (which some are, and in a lot of cases the CD medium, which is already 20 years old, was complained by consumer rights boards because the protected CDs could not be played on some computers. People do not even remember that the CD format was widely used way before CD writers were commonplace, so it's sort of an outdated format), and wanting high-quality music for free. Of course, the same people would buy high-quality clothing or electronics for the premium price, but why pay for music, right?

All of this is piling in my head, not to mention all the expectations of my company (and my bosses)... hmm....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Official Krayola Website

Guys, if you have time, feel free to visit The Official Krayola Website. It's something I whipped up using iWeb, because, frankly, I've lost my touch a bit using Dreamweaver, my former weapon for constructing websites.
Last Friday I had to make a new HTML page for one of the projects I'm doing, but I had some help with the graphics and my HTML editing was slow at best; I forgot all the shortcuts and principles I used to use when making HTML layouts. I was planning to make the Krayola website next, but the task of going though the usual process was daunting. My fingers were simply not that lithe anymore using the standard applications I used to use.
After a visit from Saski and her parents to my house in Serpong, I kicked back and tried my hand with iWeb. I always knew about it, but for a former web designer, using one of those easy one-click applications to create a website was simply shameful, haha! It's like trying to create an attention-getting flyer using Word, and I always thought that iWeb was similar to Microsoft Frontpage, which really really tries to make web publishing easy but loses everyone in the process.
iWeb, of course, is the Apple solution for "the internet for the rest of us". It's as simple as putting together a presentation on Powerpoint, and it helps you get the links, pictures and other stuff organized well; and there's a lot of templates you can work with (not necessarily just graphic templates, but things like podcast page, photo page, blog and so on).
So it took me about 2 hours to construct and edit the Krayola website as you see it now, with a few minor changes along the way.

It's not mind-blowing cool or anything, but it should serve its purpose for now.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Stealing Time And Time Stolen

Work is a necessary part of the human society, where the basic idea is that a person does something to reach a goal. The activity can either be digging for treasure (with the obvious goal of finding treasure), or toiling away at the rice paddy fields to get crop, which part of it can be traded with another person who works on making clothes or growing fruit.
Society has developed as such where rather than having to look for someone to trade our day's work, we just work for money that can be traded for anything we want, provided we have enough money. The cycle has developed as such so that some people work to create demand out of one product so that their money can become the others', and thus consumerism was created. Even discussions on consumerism are sold; now anything is sold as long as there is a market for it.
We create sciences, studies and research to improve ourselves, to try to raise the quality of life; and once we succeed at attaining some certain goal -- somebody, somewhere will definitely sell it. We are all stuck in the global cycle of capitalism and consumerism.
I'm not saying that it's either a bad thing or a good thing, it's just that we're stuck. It doesn't even mean that our culture, now virtually global, is in stasis; a lot of great innovations (and a bigger multitude of unnecessary junk or services) was created this way. It's just that... we're all almost obligated to participate in the cycle to perpetuate our lives.

So here I am, stuck at my desk, working at something that I actually like doing, but still working, to make sure I have enough money to take back home and pay for the various bills and leisure items (anything other than food, clothing and housing is leisure, because a lot of people don't have all three). Thus my time is dedicated mainly to work, and time from personal endeavors afforded by the money I earned from work, is stolen.

So why start at all?

Human history is full of futile endeavors and lost causes, and claims that 'the journey was more important than the destination'.... and I stand here as a solid supporter of that. Simply put, we do our best in our lives to doing what we think is right, and leave the rest up to the Big Guy above.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Almost At (Happy) Tears

Today, I got a very nice suprise from my boss, and very significant at that! I could not believe it then, and I'm sort of not believing it now... suprising but not unexpected if I gave it some thought. He said he always appreciated all the work I have done for the company and encouraged me to do better, then the suprise came.... damn, I haven't even told Saski; she was at the hospital visiting her boss who had just given birth.

I am almost at tears now and I don't know what to say...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Last Day, New day

So yesterday was Saskia's last day at her previous office, the local office of one of the major international labels. She has worked with them for 3 years, and considering various developments, old and new, she decided to move to the local office of a prominent music magazine. I took 5 minutes yesterday morning to write her a goodbye email for her to send to her soon-to-be ex-coworkers, and she ended the day with mixed feelings.

It's never easy leaving or to be left, and I know how she feels. I almost went through it myself last year, accepting an offer at a teclo but declining at the last minute. My heart still went with my current tasks (and not the new ones), so I felt I still had to stay and see what I could do right now, here and now. For the profoundly life-shaping decisions, I follow my heart and gut, and so I stayed, knowing full well that telcos pay better :P.

For better or for worse, sometimes we just have to leave our comfort zone to try learn something new at a new place. A new place of work does not necessarily mean a better workplace, but at least we have a new environment to grow with. Of course, make sure the move is actually better in some way; closer to home, better hours or better pay.

I always told my friends, don't let work define you; you can do any sort of work and still be you, but apparently, like a lot of things in my life, my words came back and bit me. I am a music man, and for the time being will always be a music man.

Saskia, good luck at the new workplace ya :-*

Multiple Choice Test

Consider this... if we ask someone to do something for his or her well being, and they don't do it, is it:
a. the person doesn't listen to you; or
b. your request was actually selfish or ridiculous in the first place; or
c. it's actually not in anyone's interest?

Think about this... if a motorcycle cuts you off harshly on the road, what would you think?
a. that guys must be in a hurry; or
b. (^$*&^*@*@^ motorcyclist!!!; or
c. it's the way it has always been, what can you do about it?

No score table to refer to, just see what you actually answer :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Delayed Take-Off

Today is supposed to be the first day of the company outing to Bali, but apparently the flight has been delayed 6 hours! Due to the many transportation accidents earlier this year, the government is keeping a tight noose on the airlines, thus it takes time to rectify and double check any problems. The delays are increased with the reality that most budget airlines operate only one plane for one route; if the backup plane (which is a bakcup for all routes) is under service, then automatically we have to wait until the plane we're supposed to use is repaired and approved for operational duty again.
The small number of people (including me) who chose to go to the airport together from the office were the lucky ones. Most of the office decided to go to the airport direct, making them face the prospect of spending 6 hours at the airport (oh, joy). So I'm back on my laptop doing some work until it's time to go to the airport...

On the positive side... there is some good news coming soon, but I don't really want to make it public yet (although some friends have spread the word, because they are so happy for me)... but wait ya... when the time comes, all will be clear.

Pray for us ya :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

My New Room!

Saski helped me move into my new room last Saturday, because I felt that I would be needing some extra space in the future, and was afraid that the room would be taken by somebody else. The new room is in the same house I live on Dharmawangsa X, but more expensive because of the size. But... just look at it!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Remember To Be Thankful

I had two short but similar conversations over chat with two friends I have not met for some time; one is a college friend, and one I know from work circles. When catching up, we all usually ask the same thing: how's things? how's life?
One friend asked in general terms, one broke it down into three categories: love, work, friends.

And all I could answer was: everything's great!

Let me be more specific on this... it's not that everything is perfect; everything has its share of problems, but I can handle the problems and appreciate them as part of life. I'm even calmer now when it comes to dealing with noisy doorbells or annoying motorcycles. Well, maybe not that calm... but it's ok.

So, instead of falling in the same trap over and over like before, I want to remember to be thankful every minute and every day....

And if I may recommend to friends and fellow bloggers... take a short look at what you have, and be thankful.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Pulau Umang

Just recently tested, I have uploaded some pictures of the family trip to Pulau Umang here.

Ode To My Car

My car, which has been christened with the same name as me (because, as my friends say, we are so much alike), is a very old car, with its share of odd parts, quick fixes and recurring problems. The car will never be 100% done, but at least its mine, and i'm proud of it!

Down And Out

Yeah, it's been one of those months again, where time just flies by with work (and apparent lazyness to turn on the computer over the weekend) to post something here. These are very critical times for my ongoing projects, and everything has to be in place by March. And that's not talking about all my other projects bubbling under...
When you're busy with work (and busy forgetting about work on the weekends) you tend to take a lot of things for granted; including health. I eat regulary (of course I do!) but do not maintain a balanced proportion of what is supposedly good for the body; plus apparently I don't get enough rest daily, thus lowering my immune system capabilities.

So now, I'm down and out.

God has seemingly just brought this upon me, nothing so bad as to have to go to the hospital, but bad enough that I cannot go to work. Saski says the fevers, other than the unbalanced diet, may be due to stress; I tend to agree because someone said that Jakartans live a life so full of stress, they are not aware of it anymore until it snaps. It certainly is a stress-laced city; all those motorcycles I swear at on the road (another sign of stress, actually) are driven by stressed-out people, cutting corners, jumping sidewalks, cutting in lanes and going against any perceived law or manner of road, just to get wherever they are going quicker. The illusion of victory against all odds (going faster than anyone else, breaking traffic laws) rewards a lot of us with a sense of false accomplishment, all on a subconcious level, to counteract the high stress levels we also endure daily. Hell, maybe even not traffic laws; if you catch yourself doing any small act of stepping on someone else, you may be a nutcase with all that subconcious stress.

The same subconcious stress made me almost helpless; between high fevers, headaches, a cough and a runny nose, life has told me to just stop everything and rest. Get everything in your head in order. Make sure you're aware of all that subconcious stress; doing nothing can make it surface for identification (it apparently did: on my first night with high fevers, I was still yammering about work).

My body may be sick, but I think my brain is taking a well-deserved holiday from daily life, so I can go back and mend myself. Let's just make sure the medicine is right; if I get high fevers again tonight, I may have to get a blood test or something.

Meanwhile... after catching up with my blog, I think I should go catch up on my DVDs...

Saturday, February 3, 2007


Since Thursday night (Feb 1st), Jakarta and its surrounding areas has been hit by very hard rains. What was a late-night visit to Saskia's turned into a 2-night stayover, since all roads coming in and going out of the Bangka-Kemang area (where Saski lives) have been blocked off by floods. To add to the misery, the rain kept relentlessly pouring down, and the power in the direct vicinity of Saski's house was down for those 2 days, as the power junction was submerged.
The rest of Jakarta was similarly afflicted, either cut off from other areas, with or without power, the worst submerged under 3 meters of water from who knows where (well, other than the sky).
Political figures blamed each other, while the regular folk just went along, rolled up their pants and sleeves and tried to help each other. Policemen guarded various road points to divert traffic from flooded areas, while some people actually made money pushing their wheelbarrows carrying people or motorcycles across the water. People stuck on their second floors started to starve, while a force of people too small for its task tried to help them out.
It's bad out there, and today the floods have not subsided; many are warning of return of higher floods due to hard rain in higher Bogor, about 50 km south of Jakarta.

I just got back to my house at 2 PM today, taking advantage of a lull in the floods opening up one of the roads from the Kemang area; and now, it's starting to rain again.

My prayers go out to those afflicted by the floods. An aunt of mine lost everything; her house sits behind a small creek which overflowed and took everything with it, even pushing her car out of the garage to the road...

I was planning to make my next post about my recent gadget acquisition, a Huawei HSDPA modem with a good yearly plan for internet usage, but it seems kind of pointless.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

Ever go through that moment where from the moment you wake up, you have that dreaded feeling that either everything is going wrong or eventually will screw up your entire day? That's today for me.
Waking up heavy-headed after a weekend of late nights and irregular sleeping, the sometimes too-short-for-a-vacation weekend jolted me so that it felt that it had been a long time since I woke up early and went to the office. Perhaps it's my car problems; apparently the battery went dead (again) and I might have to buy a new one (again), all because of my carelessness. Maintaining an antique car has its prices, apparently. But somehow, it's just not that...
On the bus ride, things looked gloomy and my body didn't feel like 100% percent. I felt tired, did not enjoy eating breakfast too much, and felt like there's a 100 ton load in my chest ready to burst. Calling Saski didn't help because the connection was bad and only made me more anxious (thanks for trying, dear).
Last resort would be going down to get a bar of chocolate, but I don't think my body has the will to move great distances.

So, anybody got a surefire recipe to cheer oneself up? I'm open to suggestions.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Krayola on the Prambors Nubuzz Chart!

It may not seem like something significant, but for our first single to be played on the radio and getting some recognition on one of the charts, it's something for us!
Keep your eye on this link, and cross your fingers with us to see how far the song goes! Of course, request the song frequently to Prambors :D

Prambors Nubuzz chart

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Happy Birthday, Sas!
Hope today is the first special birthday for many to come, dear :)

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Testing Something While I Type This...

Finally, since I have been able to clear up some of my work and hand it over to more capable people, my workload has diminished (only juuuust a bit) for me to focus on what I'm supposed to do: create new business and make it profitable. Wish me luck ya...

I would also like to extend my sympathy to the victims of the sinking of the KM Senopati off the coast of Java, and the lost Adam Air flight, accidents involving a lot of lives and only happening within 2 days of each other...
Something is inherently wrong, because as most Indonesians here think, obviously the accidents still had strong roots from rampant corruption and ignorance occuring on various levels of society. Nobody cares about others anymore, let alone the well-being of the country. The people that we should look to to lead or give example consistenly disappoint us; but nothing we do ourselves try to fix the problem. Nobody wants to start.

I will start. This I promise. I will care more for my people and my country. As long as I can get my full of meals, have a nice place to stay, get a steady supply of CDs, drive my car around everywhere.... ah, forget it. I'm just like the rest.

The least we can do, for now, is ask: what can we do differently?