Sunday, August 19, 2007

Review: The Bourne Ultimatum

Genre: Action & Adventure
Before we go to the storyline, we really should take a look at the cinematography. Many people describe 'cinematography' as really great landscape shots, or those close-up shots that tell you what the person is feeling, or those 'art' shots where everything is beautiful and somehow compositioned. I say, better expand that definition, guys; the best cinematography, other than giving you stunning visuals, brings you the story more than the dialogue can, thanks to the creative collaboration of the director and the cinematographer. Thumbs up for this movie; every moment I really felt the tension, not because the car crashes and firefights were done in picture perfect clarity, but the camera did its own interpretation of the tension as well. It just shook, fell, went out of focus in tune with the action on the screen.
As for the story... also a thumbs up. The intricacies, the conspiracies, the tension, all there... the only thing leaving me wondering was, since it's such a good movie, how come I don't hear puritans screaming 'it's totally different from the book' (which it is, anyway)? I seemed to get a lot of those complaints for 'Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix'. Well, maybe, not many have read the books.

I recommend everybody to get to reading...

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