Thursday, May 10, 2007

Almost At (Happy) Tears

Today, I got a very nice suprise from my boss, and very significant at that! I could not believe it then, and I'm sort of not believing it now... suprising but not unexpected if I gave it some thought. He said he always appreciated all the work I have done for the company and encouraged me to do better, then the suprise came.... damn, I haven't even told Saski; she was at the hospital visiting her boss who had just given birth.

I am almost at tears now and I don't know what to say...


  1. apa sih ? dapet apa sih?? heheeheh...

    *nosy mode: on*

  2. iya, apaan sih. huh bikin penasaran

  3. dapet apa? dapet apa? dapet apa?