Saturday, June 30, 2007

Large Purchase

My brother, who is visiting Jakarta in-between jobs and burning up excess leave, came by to stay the night at my place because he wanted to meet some friends in Jakarta, and going home to Serpong simply isn't practical. Along with him he brought some birthday gifts, a digital camera (something I have always been postponing on buying myself) and an iPod Shuffle (the newer, smaller one). Great presents man! thanks.
On the same day, we went to ITC Fatmawati to get him an Indonesian number, as I he needs one and I'm giving my beloved RAZR V3X to him and just get a cheaper Sony Ericsson model for testing various stuff for work (if I ask the office to purchase it for me, it will just take forever); I also got a memory card for the digital camera; 1 GB would be more than enough for my habits. I think a lot of things would require the occasional documentation, especially the days ahead :).

I have been very stressed out at work, apparently, and have been disappointed with a lot of small, unimportant stuff in work and life, that the new and old things in my life have lifted up the dread a little. But if there's one thing that I'm looking forward to, it's November :).

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