Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Yesterday, almost half my day was filled with a meeting with the other labels and a telco, and the meeting took a lot of energy to handle as well, as there were a lot of issues to cover. booooorriiiiing.

so after work, the initial plan was to go to Vira's place, i had some stuff to do with her, but apparently she was still out of town by the time i finished at work, and Tanti called me at about the same time, so i met up with tanti first for dinner, so afterwards we could go together (Tanti and Vira live in the same house). The streets were delightfully empty after fast break time, so it took me no time at all to reach Ambassador Mall, the rendevouz point with Tanti. We chatted over dinner, not forgetting to buy a meal for sahur...

When Vira had reached her office, we went on a taxi and picked her up since it was on the way from Ambassador to their house anyway. Upon arriving, I had a lot to cover; I had an ongoing project with Tanti, which would be starting by the end of the month, I was going to hand over a translation project I haven't been able to handle to Vira, and, haha... i was going to install Need For Speed on Vira's computer! Unfortunately her computer didn't have a supporting graphics card, so the game was practically unplayable.. i told her she had to get a new graphics card; so much just to play a game huh? the rest of the night she was considering changing the desktop to a laptop, but that would mean oodles of money... (come to think of it, i haven't paid for my laptop either, hehehe... haven't had the time to take care of the transaction).

If i look at my bag now, it's strangely full all the time. There's the laptop and its charger, my PDA and sync cable, there's a pencil case filled with not just pencils, but also an assortment of CF cards and the CF card reader and a USB bluetooth module, not to mention 2 handphones (well, now that i don't use it much, at least for now, i leave my CDMA phone at home unactive) and other necessities of life on the road; like a light parka (you never know when it's going to rain), tissues, a pocket of loose change, deodorant, and some office notes that still happen to be on paper. So, you could say, i'm a full-fledged gadget boy, hahaha... not necessarily with the latest and high-end equipment, but all functioning to the max all the same... anyway, you should see Coki's bag! He brings around most of his chargers with him as well... and he's one up on me, he has an iPod. So now we both have bulky shoulders from carrying all this stuff around...

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