Wednesday, October 6, 2004

"Hangout Guys"

"Hangout Guys" is a term that me and some of my friends use to describe the activity of loitering around in malls or cafes, basically doing nothing but talk, gossip, or more recently, sharing gadget tips. But the core of it is, sitting around at your standard overpriced coffeeshop with friends and relations. haha.

Some of us, me, Coki, Jacky, Yadi, Yari, and followed alter by Sacha and her boyfriend Moerat, after dinner at the PS foodcourt, did our "hangout guys" thing at Coffee Club downstairs... and just sat down, talked about anything, unwinding from the various headaches of work. At this particular occasion, but usually also the norm, Jacky asked me to help out setting up his new PDA (which he bought from Coki) so it could connect to the internet wirelessly through his handphone. After fiddling around with settings, installing new software, and plain perseverance, i could finally get the damn thing to connect to the internet and also send and receive SMSs from the phone. (for those of you not in the know, these two functions are the most widely used for Bluetooth enabled PDAs and phones, at least in this country, because basically they're the only functions that are really useful.)

now i'm in the routine of going to work in a big office building, doing corporate work, etc... i'm starting to see why a lot of people set up [expensive] coffee houses. it's the easiest way to unwind, if alcohol is not your thing. it's also the easiest way to throw money away. i am still holding firm to my new year's resolutions, which are use less and save money. ok, maybe i'm not that firm, but the effort is more significant now. that is, until i blow my savings again to buy something. hehe.

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