Sunday, October 17, 2004

Cold, Cold Morning (Or Morning Cold?)

From the moment i arrived at the office, i was feeling really bad. But i had to go, there are a couple of meetings i scheduled today, down to Wednesday. I mean, the damn flu i had was not getting any better (I think). My body's a bit warm, my nose is runny, not to mention the headache. I think i'll go home after the meeting, I can't even work right now.

It's funny when you sit alone in your room, a gazillion things can run through your mind about anything at all, nothing in particular, but as it is my nature, every silent sitting moment is spent contemplating, in deep thought, about life as it is, how it goes so far. Surely, there are blessings, but there are also misgivings and mistakes that i've made... and i'm prone to overthink all my bad deeds; what if i did it another way? what if i had more patience? what if i didn't rush judgement based on instinct? My instincts are usually correct, i just have to practice listening to them with patience and an open mind.

This bout of flu is not helping the mood, just makes everything more blue... and the bloody cold aircon at the office isn't helping either!

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  1. I thought that 'every silent, sitting moment' you were sleeping.