Thursday, October 14, 2004

Personal Expression

Today is the first day of the fasting season, and usually i have the first sahur with my family (most people to the first fast break with their family). Coincidentally, yesterday was my Mom's birthday, so after work, i went straight to Serpong on the ever-crowded bus heading to Ciputat, where I would take another transport heading to Serpong. I had bought Mom a special 20th anniversary edition of Garfield, thick with all the Garfield comic strips the other day...

When I was nearing Lebak Bulus, standing tiredly in the bus isle, Mom called to ask if she could pick me up; it was raining like hell in Serpong and she was worried; at Lebak Bulus it was only a trickle... but i got off at Lebak Bulus Carrefour and asked Mom and Dad if they could pick me up there instead. While waiting, i took the opportunity to wrap up the book with gift wrapping, purposely selecting one with pictures of cats (always a sure-fire favorite of Mom's). About half an hour later, they picked me up, we went home and had dinner, leftovers from the afternoon's birthday party.

Dad was rearranging some of the rooms because he had installed aircons in 2 of the rooms, so in the middle of the night we were lifting desks and stuff into the newly arranged rooms. Dad was also showing off his finally-working new computer he got from Ari, my elder brother, and Epson Endeavor, and i checked if everything was working okay (I am also the assigned IT person for the family, hehe.) Then i fell asleep... and it was sahur time already.

In the morning, Mom and Dad took me to work, just so they could see where i worked (and we all woke up a bit late anyway). So now i'm pretty early to be at work...

Yesterday, at about lunchtime, i had to go with my bosses' driver to the old office, because he had been asked to bring along some stuff from my old office to Singapore Friday, so we picked the stuff up, and after lunch at Blok M Plaza, i went to the IM3 Customer Service office with Sacha to take care of our accounts; i was changing my billing address, Sacha was reporting her stolen number. Before returning to our respective offices, we shared an ice cream at Dairy Queen; it would be my last ice cream in the middle of the day for a month, and what an ice cream it was! It was called triple chocolate something.

Now, back to the topic relevant to the title...

Apparently someone has voiced objections towards the creation and nature of this weblog, I won't elaborate what or how, but I'll need to remind the good readers out there that what is written here is just one angle or aspect of my life; frankly, i'm not keen to share everything here, as this is as they call it public domain, but what i do share here is first and foremost as a channel of my thoughts, however superficial, and then secondly as a medium for parties that might be interested, to know what i've been doing lately. What I write is what i write, what any reader assumes or conjectures from anything here is totally not my responsibility, because even if this weblog stands within a public domain, it is still a form of personal expression that people can choose to read or not to read, and to think whatever they want from it without liability on my part. What i write could be innappropriate, could be insensitive, could be condescending, could be heart-warming, could make people happy, could be funny, but it surely depends on who the reader is. I only write for myself here. I hope my standing is clear.

Besides... just to be frank for a moment,... i write about the daily, superficial events that happen in my life, to make myself happy, because i cannot begin to write about my pain, and would prefer not to share it through this channel.

thanks for your attention.


  1. So show me what the new rooms look like now!
    Happy puasa.

  2. YEAH! not everything you can write on you blog!