Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Holding on to Illusions

By a large part, i hold on to an illusion to get me through the day. Someway, somehow, it can lift me through the confusions, the akward moments, the lonely thoughts, the hectic errands, and the unroutine final trip home. So this post, is, in part, dedicated to that illusion. Thank you, dear illusion, for keeping me sane and happy, if indeed it is only fleeting. I wholly realize that, but since my whole life is in flux anyway, the illusion is a welcome aspect of security, of something unchanging.

I still haven't been able to insert myself into my work, or maybe i am just getting used to the fast pace again. I'm not as effective as i once was, so i better kick myself in the butt to get going again. A bit difficult ya? In the meantime, there is so much to be done. Ah, might as well get on with it.

I visited Ojel's office after work, also to discuss a few things. He had a damn fine-looking G5 under the table, with a dual screen display, although not using the newer screens from Apple yet, the ones with the smaller bevel width. Ooh, drool, drool, drool... it brings my own G4 at home to shame. Well, on the other hand, i'm not using my Mac for work so far, so i'm pretty satisfied using my Mac as a media centre. The damn CRT monitor is as big as my TV, for God's sake! sure gives watching DVDs ultimate bliss. I might be organizing some viewing marathons later, to take advantage of the latest technology in my room...

Afterwards, i went to Aksara bookstore, just a few minutes walk from Ojel's office, to look for a birthday present for my mom (it's on thursday). I figured i was in the area where Vira and Tanti live, so maybe I could catch a bite after, but I called Tanti earlier (she was supposed to come with me to Ojel's) and she was still not feeling well and preferred to go straight home to bed after work, and Vira was busy as usual ("still fucking editing" were her words, more or less.) so, usually when i'm eating alone, i indulge myself with useless fast food! hahaha.

Later that night, while i was online, i caught Herra, a friend who just recently moved to Oz for studying, Coki, my best bud, Ollie, my cuz, and Rama, the ultimate metrosexual. We chatted for about an hour or so through YM. It's been a while since i chatted, since they don't give access to IM programs at the office.

And now, this morning, i am yet again longing for the illusion...

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  1. hihihihi... bbrp paragraf terakhir lucu sekali..
    Btw.. waktu itu gue di tempat fucking editing akhirnya main game aja di komputer, balap mobil gitu. Uuuhh..jadi pengen install di komputer rumah!! pgn beli ah softwarenya...