Friday, October 8, 2004

Marked For Life

Friday night, we were about to have band practice again at Peter's studio in Pondok Indah. I don't know why, but it was a very tiring day, so when i met up with Emil at S. Widjojo before joining the other guys at the practice studio, i was already feeling very tired.

Everybody finally showed up at about 9.30 pm at the studio, so we started playing, practising our standard set of 5 songs, trying to perfect every phrase... but of course, everybody was pretty tired after a day's work... especially me. i tried so hard to hold back my sleepiness, by playing while standing, or trying variations that require concentration.. but on the final song of the session, we were playing 'Sympathy For The Devil', which had one set of chords for the lyrics, and one set of chords for the chorus, and it was pretty simple playing on bass, and adding variations would of messed up the feel of the song.. so i played the standard bassline... and actually fell asleep in the middle of the song, sitting on the stool playing my bass... and my fingers were still playing in tune with the beat! I didn't even realize i dozed off until Emil kicked me to wake me up, reminding me that we had jumped into the chorus (while my subconcious was still playing the lyrics chord set).... so, still half sleepy, i jumped to the chorus and strained my focus until the song ended. All the other guys didn't realize i fell asleep until Emil kicked me, and they were laughing about it all the way home... mind you, it's stories like this that will go with you forever.

even though it was embarrasing... i guess it's pretty cool. Like dying from drowning by your own vomit.

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