Thursday, September 15, 2005

Well, I Have Been Kinda Busy

Lately I have not been updating this blog as frequently as I have... because I've been very busy, and I'd have to admit that my spare time energies have been spent elsewhere on the Net... if you know what I mean.
Also... because of the inability to access the internet at home, I have not been able to make the much more, erm, generous posts I used to make, as my time at the office is usually limited, either in-between meetings in front of the computer, when I have to do actual work, and afterhours which are usually managed as quickly as possible. The faster, the sooner I can go home.
Well, anyway...
All I can say, that I am learning slowly... learning to take it all better... and be patient! Happiness comes hand in hand with pain... so, let's try to live with it, and try to be grateful of the happiness, and learn from the pain. Learning to say "I want...", "No", and "I can" with a smile are the hardest things I have to learn to do (especially the smile).
Let's start practice, then...
One note, to self: be happy.

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