Monday, December 6, 2004

It Probably Was Just A Dream

Ever wake up with that strange feeling of uneasiness? That you're searching for something, that something hasn't been done?

I think a lot of people who work in fast-paced high-stress work enviroments get that feeling some time or other. There was one time, though, in my college years, there was one day that reeeallly felt that something's wrong, something's out of place, and the feeling just endured for the whole day. Somehow, this morning, there's the same feeling of uneasiness.

Must be a bad dream, because, I still remember. Before I woke up, the dream ended with me still in search of something, either digging in the ground, or looking in the skies above with my aircraft (er... don't ask. My dreams tend to get similar to reality, on the other hand, they sometimes get a bit SF. Haha.). Perhaps with that feeling of unfulfillment, even though it was just a dream, I woke up with a small frustration that the mission had not been finished.


Yesterday, everything was going n a bit of a slow but hectic pace, with things going last minute here and there, with nothing to do in the intermittent moments. Not to mention, the people who were supposed to meet me later that night at home for the project brief, didn't show up, only one did, at least, so I could settle the project with her.

I've been kind of frustrated with the way people just throw away my projects. First they say they want to do it, then they don't show up without the slightest bit of courtesy of mentioning so; it's happened to me 3 times already the past week, including yesterday. I don't want to be a nuisance and chase them around, since, in proper perspective, they have the obligation to tell me. I mean, they get the bulk of the money involved anyway. Ah, maybe I do have to call them up one by one again. Real waste of time. Personally, I don't want to give a project with money involved to those who cannot put the effort into it. At the least, to make the initial phone call to follow up after my first contact.

It's hard to find good help these days. Perhaps good help is a pipe dream as well...

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