Saturday, December 4, 2004

I Hate It When A Plan Doesn't Come Together

{The title is a partial quote of Hannibal Smith, the leader of The A-Team; he always says this at the end of most episodes: "I love it when a plan comes together."]

I had arranged so that today, Saturday, a day that most people use for leisure or sleeping in, for taking care of a long overdue project. So I printed the necessary documents (with my new printer, of course) and prepped the files necessary for briefing the people who were supposed to come by for the project. They should have come at about 11ish.

Only one showed up, and he only consitituted 1 project of the 2 projects I was supposed to handle. The other 2 people, who were supposed to do the bulk of the other project, didn't even bother to tell me if they were not coming. So I had to move on, since I had another errand at my old office.

Someone was supposed to pick up the photocopy machine at about 1 o'clock, so I was there by a few minutes to 1. I have to tell you, everytime I go there, to that empty, messy room with all the unused and unwanted hardware and leftover files... it just gets me depressed. Not to mention since they already shut down the electricity line, the room was as hot as hell. And there was no sign of the guy who was supposed to come by...

Chieq came over at about 2 pm, as she called earlier for lunch... so while we chatted in her thank-the-heavens air-conditioned car, the guy who was supposed to pick up the photocopy machine finally showed up at about 2.30... so I let them rock the boat themselves; I didn't want to worry about lifting the ten million ton machine from the 3rd floor down. Enough of that.

Since they only brought along 2 people, they gave up, so I left behind the key to the main door with the landlord, and went to lunch with Chieq.

Right now I am at the cybercafe at Ratu Plaza, online with my laptop, sending those stubbornly large emails... I figured, if I wanted to go here and get a comfortable spot, it would be better to go Saturday night as nobody would be there. Right now, I think that it's one part good thinking, in another part pathetic. Alone on Saturday night.

One last point: the latest album from U2, despite my disappointment with the first single, Vertigo, has promise in the song Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, at least in my view. It sounds like one of their Joshua Tree era songs, with the same touches and everything... but with sufficient attention-catching slow riffs, but of course, in the right mood.

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