Wednesday, November 10, 2004

When The Waves Subside

The worst is over, I think. The material submission finally locked in place, albeit only half the promised amount, because I couldn't find the sources of the other material in time. No matter. The important thing is I got it in, now all I have to do is supervise the delivery.

The sudden presentation, that only started at about 19.30, went well also, the client more or less agreeing with the ideas we offered, and willing to talk more about it. I guess it also helps that the boss of the client is golfing buddies with one of my bosses. And to think, I was the one who put the presentation together, by myself, when it should of been a collaborative work. No problem lah. I can get even any time; the client was too important to trouble myself over petty discrepancies, and most of the time I work faster myself anyway.

And most of the day, though still with some brooding thoughts, when i finally finished the presentation, suddenly, everything was better. Some of the worst, work and personal, had past. Well, at least for today.

Also, I had a long talk, with someone very special, a conversation long overdue. A conversation that I think we both needed. There was no outcome, there was no conclusion, just the fact that, we had finally more or less settled everything, with just the future to look to. Who knows what will happen, but, I guess, we'll find out anyway.

After the presentation, the big boss took me and Daniel, with the clients to a Japanese restaurant downstairs, and for the second time in my life, I tried out sashimi. The boss scolded me when I poured sambal on my plate before eating sashimi (well, can you blame me? I do that even without thinking.), saying that you have to eat sashimi properly, with just the right sauce, with the right amount of wasabi. (Ari, you must be laughing out loud reading this. Ollie, shut up.) Well, anyway, I filled my stomach with a lot of strange food, something I hardly ever do, hehe.. so we'll see what happens to me tomorrow, haha.

Ok... time to turn in. Still lots of errands tomorrow, but more of the fun kind. I hope.

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