Sunday, November 7, 2004

Weekend Bash

Right now, instead of posting at the office computer, using the office internet connection, I am sitting in a cyber cafe making this post. THe hecticness of the past few days has made me unable to post, and every 5 minutes there's the urge to put down something, or put down a mental note for posting in my blog. C'mon, the last post was Thursday, and now it's Sunday night, no less! Actually, I did make a post last night (or was it Friday night?), but using the CSD connection on the Mac and problems with Blogger itself, the posting couldn't upload, and I lost all my text, and lost the mood to rewrite. Same thing happened to my usual expense tracking file, somehow the file was reverted to its former version while I synced to the office computer, so now my expense tracking for at least 5 days is gone, and I have no mood to retrack my expenditures. Well, not now, at least.

Anyway, today Oracle got together for another practice session, after a break of about 2 weeks. Actually, the guys got together yesterday also, but I had other preplanned arrangements for Saturday (I'll tell you about them later) so I could not join. So... we did 2 practice runs on 2 songs from 12 to 3 pm, one a song we already recorded with a revised arrangement here and there, and a new song we were still putting together. I don't know why, but I was not the only one who was sleepy (I almost fell asleep on the bass again), so at 3 pm, we pakced up and went home. I was settling into a book I just bought, when I fell asleep for about half an hour, while in the meantime I was also smsing Vira and Tanti about their plans for later.

I eventually joined up with them at Plaza Semanggi for fast break, and afterwards, here I am at the cyber cafe, blogging my heart out...

Officially, I am now a blog addict.

Today, there's also a little story of Vira's new phone she bought yesterday... she called me up when I was already at Wisnu's place for band practice, complaining that the phone could not turn on. I said, sometimes that's a problem with that certain model phone with older firmware, and I promised I'll have a look at it later tonight, time permitting. Eventually, impatient, she went back to the store where she bought the phone.. and it turned out, she put the battery on backwards, so the contact panels didn't touch. Well... no wonder it couldn't turn on. Du-uh.

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