Thursday, November 4, 2004

Busy Busy!

Oh, my! I haven't been able to make new blog entries for the past few days! So much to do at the office, and no time to do it at home! I just slump tired on the bed when I finally reach home! Damn!

Well, these are the highlights of the past few days, I'll elaborate more later...

- Wednesday: big buka puasa bersama for the office guys at BCLub. Because I'm the new guy, I was told to become the MC.... afterwards had dinner with Nelly.

- Thursday: pirate day! compiling all these CDs to convert to WMA for later editing... not to mention creating the songlists... and meeting a company setting up a trial 3G network in Jakarta...

So much has happened in between, so much with me, and friends... but I don't have time to write! I'm just squeezing this post in before starting work again this morning! Damn!

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