Sunday, January 2, 2005

Putting Everything Together

Sometimes, when it's the holidays, or the weekend, or your day off, a few hours, possibly the whole day, spent for quality time with yourself, is refreshing. In between going to Serpong on the 1st, and lunch at Plaza Senayan on the 2nd, I had quite a lot of time to myself, either to just simply sleep in, read a book, or do other stuff.

My room is looking a bit nicer (and certainly cleaner, too) now that I have tidied up a bit, reorganized some stuff; I must admit, on occasion it still looks like a used electronics store with a bed, but the new layout, albeit with minimal changes, is suprisingly refreshing. I stacked all the electronics in one line, to free another corner, where I can put the towel hanger, the shoe rack, and my Zero Gravity lamp. Then I attached the cat-shaped clothes hanger Djepun gave me with some Blu-tak to the wall by the towel hanger... I won't be hanging anything there, but it looks nice anyway. (I'll post a few photos later).

The room is also well-stocked with food, albeit some junk food, from previous stockings and leftovers from new years'.

I just want to start the new year just right. Let's see what happens this week...

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