Monday, January 3, 2005

Fresh Start

Three months into the job (and three months on this blog as well), I am finally settling in my own office quarters. No more cubicles for me, at least for now at this office. Now, for a person of my level, usually they are entitled to get their own office space, because the need to have meetings and such; but I never really bothered because I usually meet people in my boss' room or outside the office anyway.

One of the rooms had been empty since December, because she moved to another company, but I didn't quite want to bother with moving until yesterday I finally started to move stuff. The room was still a mess, so one of the office guys helped me tidying up, and I moved my still minimal office belongings to the new 'crib'.

And the walls are purple. I guess I'll have to live with that.

With the new room, comes a higher level of privacy, and responsibility, but I feel that it should be giving me the necessary kick to start the new year with a bang. Bang.

Before I know it, I'd have a dozen stuff from home here already.

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