Monday, January 2, 2006

What I Have Learned In The New Year So Far

A gas voucher for Rp 5000 is worth more than a shopping voucher worth Rp 5000.
A good friend is a friend that accompanies you grocery shopping.
You can never have enough CDs, so you just have to know when to stop.
Cinere is far, far away. Even without the traffic jams. Especially through one-lane rural streets.
On January 2nd, nobody goes to work.
Washing a car at night is the same thing as doing it twice, except if you have enough lighting and proper equipment, that is.
Yes... you have to use a brush to clean those darn rubber mattresses.
If you go to the gym in the morning.. you tend to feel sleepy. And lay off all that carb food!
Think it through, but execute quickly. And remember the deadlines!
Being in love is not necessarily a good thing, in fact, in practical matters, it's a mess. But it's a damn good feeling!

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