Tuesday, January 3, 2006

And What Game Might That Be?

So last week I attended a product launching with Vira.. some cigarette which I don't think I'll name here... so anyway, the launch attempted to introduce a bigger picture to simply the cigarette itself, but also the experience.
So when we arrived at the gate (the event was on the 9th Floor, we were on the ground floor), we were greeted by three gorgeus girls in similar outfits for the event. At first they offered us cigarettes.... then they offered something else: "Want to play a game?"
The game was a Flash-based game, run on a tablet PC, which was hung on one of the girls' neck, so that the tablet PC was positioned strategically over her bosom. And she perhaps unintentionally motioned her chest towards me when offering to play the game....
I blushed and laughed all the way to 9th.

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