Sunday, January 1, 2006

This Morning

I woke up earlier than usual today, I wanted to get a fresh start on the new year... urm, no. I wanted to get an earlier start so I could drop by the car wash for a bit and get Noni's car a bit of much-needed spring cleaning, outside and inside. Apparently most of the car washes were either still closed for the morning or the new year's holiday (which I did not get at all... well, sort of), so after driving around the familiar places looking for an open place, I gave up and drove to the office anticipating heavy traffic.
I took a wrong turn at Prapanca, where usually I double back and go through Pondok Jaya to Kuningan, because the car wanted to go through Wijaya where there are more friends (read: traffic jams, hence more cars). Well, the anticipated traffic jam was not there, not there at all, so it was easy driving all the way to the office. I didn't even have to swear at one single vehicle (well... maybe I did. I'm not sure), and arrived at the office at about 8.20 AM.
The office was dark, and almost nobody was there yet...

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