Monday, December 19, 2005


Do you know the feeling when you wake up and already you feel tired? Your body seems not fully rested, your eyes are weary, and you have moderate pains all over your body. I was always an early riser, but it seems lately that my habits (and my activities) have made me settle on a later sleeping time... thus, less sleep.
The morning exercises help; they jump-start my body into action, and also make it warm... my room can be quite chilly in the mornings due to the faulty air conditioner. The damn thing can't make up it's mind; it sometimes spouts hot air, and cold air the next, so I keep it on a colder setting than usual to be safe. Anyway, it always makes me wake up at about 4 in the morning just to turn off the aircon (I have utilized the timer function now... and they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks).
Morning exercises also wash out the bad feelings or bad memories left over from dreams or thoughts before sleep...

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