Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Rise In The Morning

One of my most recent habits in the morning, is waking up a bit earlier than usual and just relaxing at home. I wake up, do the usual morning rituals, and turn on my computer to go online. I do whatever work there is to be done that can be done, chat with anybody who's online, and browse a little here and there.
I leave the lights on at a minimum, and just turn on one of the various reading lights in the room, keeping the horrid neon room light off. I turn on the news on TV just so I can skim through the headlines while I'm doing something else, and as usual, nothing of great significance is covered. It's usually some crime story or protest of rising tariffs, if not sports news. Well, no news is good news, I guess.
Almost simultaneously, a couple of my friends have been asking, "So, how's the 'scene'? Are you going out with anybody, lately?" I say "Zero."

Maybe I'll stay here for just a bit...

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