Monday, November 21, 2005

Full Month!

When it's been a long time since a post, usually I write a post on what such a busy week it has been, how either work or something else has been crazy... now I'm going to write that the whole month is full and crazy...
After a slow start, with a lot of idling at work before the Lebaran holidays and after, the second half of November is filled with stacks of work, at the office and home, and weekends out-of-town in between. There are at least 4 weddings this month, not to mention those that I only found out about later or could not make it. I'm trying to pick up the pace at work, and the side project I usually do is gearing up for another round by the end of the month. Also, a few tasks here and there are bound to be lurking around the corner, waiting to catch me at the most critical moment...
The days have relatively been trouble-free; perhaps this Syawal fasting really has its benefits. On the other hand, something's wrong, something's missing... but I will leave time to answer that riddle. The current situation has its merits, anyway.

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