Saturday, July 2, 2005

Sunday Noon Thoughts

Two of my close friends are going through one I must say one of the most happiest moments you could ever have as a human being. I feel envious (not to mention a bit jealous to one of them) that they are going through this, with apparent ease so far, but also I must remind myself that before these moments, they had gone through apparent hell, also. Well... right now I might still be in that hell... I'm struggling out, but sometimes you just a need a hand to get moving.

The magic of a quiet day at home, mulling about in front of the computer trying to better myself with work, just simply sinks in thoughts that have never had the time to fly by and perch on the windowsill of my otherwise busy mind. Leading 2 or more lives in the space of one tends to drain you, but eventually these lives will meld into one someday, hopefully for the better. The most important thing is not decieving myself, and keeping to a tight schedule so I can do exactly what I need or want to do at the desired time. If necessary, block time away from the other lives to regroup and reorganize. Thus, for leading triplicate lives, instant communication tools are needed. That's why I'm so obsessed with mobile phones, mobile internet and the new toy, Wi-Fi, that comes with the new laptop from the office. Three cheers for Wi-Fi, I actually did faster work through the quick wireless internet connection compared to my internet connection at home.

But of course, as I have always held steadfast, life is not only for work, although work takes up a lot of life. Why do you work? So you can continue living, living comfortably, living conveniently, and give back to the society. Some also work for self-actualization, to reach their ideals, and so on... for me... work is work. Life goes on. If you work properly, you can continue working. What's more important to me, is human relations, and love. That, you have to work much harder on, and therefore it is much more precious to me. If it's there, I cherish it, worship it, and tend to it so it can live forever... so when love is there, when love is present, I will fight for it.

May strength to fight be with us all, to fight for what is important to us.

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