Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hopefully, It Ends Here

The look that I give you is no longer yours
The touch that I give your hands and shoulders is no longer yours
The thoughts that I keep in my mind of you can no longer be of you anymore
The small things that I intend for you are no longer small things, and are of no consequence
The song my heart sings to you is out of tune, therefore I cannot sing it to you anymore
The trust I have in you is still there, but I cannot give it to you anymore
The nighttime longing has been nullified
The morning calls will stop
The words shared that once had deep meaning, are now meaningless
The vision I used to have will have to stop
The willingness of my heart to remain in this reverie has ended
The patience I so willingly endured has no meaning, and is useless
The conversations I shared will be the past, and not a glimpse of the future anymore
The belief in you is still strong, the idea of you of being perfect is still there, yet I no longer want to believe
The hours I could of shared with you, are still empty, but I’d rather they not be filled with you anymore
The songs I shared with you may still be there somewhere, but let someone else share it with you
The goodnight kiss will be the last
This is not goodbye
It will never be goodbye
This is just me
Finally swallowing the final pill of reality
I will be in touch, but not so often

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