Monday, July 4, 2005

Let's Get On With It

Sometimes I am so amazed on how theraputic friendships can be. Even if you're not talking or consulting with a friend, their mere presence and attention can soothe and alleviate any sort of trouble of pain coursing through yourself. Even when the mind and body resists to acknowledge, the words "You'll be OK" may resound in your heart for days after, and give the spirit a boost to just get on with everything else. Even if the friend is not sure if you'll be OK or not, at least the attention helps.
The path that has led me through the couple of weeks has been very, very trying indeed. Explosions of joy and sadness can go on the same page which is the day, and never, ever balanced; and due to my nature, always heavy to one side. Sometimes it's just good to meet up with a friend and vent out all that anger and frustration, all the worries, and also all those happy highlights. Perhaps, now, the time has come to do a little more evaluating, rather than contemplating.
Let's find out if the journey just past, and where the path will lead me next, is truly worth it or not. Today, I set down my pride, and I will accept if I turn out to be wrong, if indeed I am, and I will continue along the path, but with a guerilla's caution and tactics.

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