Friday, June 2, 2006

Finally, On The Curb Again

Phew! What a ride.

I have been running on the highway, dodging cars, buses and motorcycles, trying to outrun or outmanouver vehicles larger than me, sometimes running in line, sometimes cutting their path, and more often getting out of the way. I'm not what you call unscathed; I'm a bit bruised here and there, my mind is still racing at one moment, sitting still at the next; but now I've reached a temporary destination for a breather. I'm at the bus stop, on the curb. Phew...

The past week has been really crazy, I was practically out of the office for 4 days out of 5, thus automatically putting any email or electronic-based work on the backburner. Also, I have a boss who often sends out instructions and orders without really thinking, and I have to push back for a more rational timeline. Even so, some of my work is spilling over to the weekend, and I'm sure when my boss is back from HK on Monday, he'll be sending out another salvo of instructions. I mean, it's totally ok, it's part of the job, but because some of the orders and deadlines are quite impossible, it takes up wasted time and energy to shoot the orders down or manage them into more comprehensible products. And... it's always like this.

I can't afford to slack one second, I know. The sales targets for this year and next year are crazy; but it doesn't mean I have to do all of this by myself, either. It's not the job or the objective, it's the task management and time scheduling. The work has reached a point where it's getting slow because I really don't have the time to take care of everything.

I reached my requested targets, and I need to move to a higher level to reach my remaining targets. So...

Anyone interested in a job?

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