Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The End Of An Era

Today, I headed to the bank this morning to close an account.
Not just any account, but a special bank account, which was under my name, and used for my old company's account. The company had closed down its Jakarta office in 2004, on the day I left, but we left the account open to receive any incoming payments for the sale of office inventory. Yes, we had to sell everything, and anything that couldn't be sold, was given away.
To this date there is still a lot of stuff from that office, which could not be sold, and thus HQ decided to write off that inventory (which includes a really big photocopy machine), as I'm pretty sure the depreciation of those objects had reached zero anyway.

So, the office that taught me almost everything I needed for my current job, taught me life in Jakarta, and contributed a large part of my adult education, has finally come to rest. So from this day, it will only be a memory...

Three cheers for the friends, hope that the bonds we share do not die with the office...

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