Monday, December 19, 2011

What Lies Ahead for Digital Music Industry in Indonesia

After reading Aulia's post, I felt that I needed to add to it with some more facts and insight, and throw in my own opinion about the much-discussed yet perceived-as-slow-to-develop  state of the music industry's move to the digital medium in Indonesia.

Let's get through some points in the article first:

  • most of the music labels work directly with the telcos to provide music content; and some content providers either aggregate content for smaller music labels, or develop their own artist roster to further capitalize the business potential of RBT.

  • The RBT service itself uses premium SMS to charge customers, because it's the simplest way to do it. But the system itself differs than standard premium SMS services, because where usually premium SMS services have servers that sit at the content providers and route through the telco charging system, RBT systems are installed on the telco side.

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