Saturday, January 17, 2009

Getting Used To A New Bike

I've been sporadically biking again lately. It's been a while since I did, because I last time I biked every day was freshman year, over 10 years ago. I bought a bike, and my wife eventually got a bike from my parents as a birthday present. So this afternoon, we took out our bikes for a short cruise around the housing complex, and luckily the weather was perfect.

The thing about bikes though, is although they say you can never forget how to ride a bike, but if you have 10+ years between your last bike ride and the present, your balance is bound to be a bit off, not to mention while braking or changing gears - not to mention if it's a new bike that still needs a few adjustments.

But there's definitely only one way of starting again - just get on that saddle and make the first push on the pedal. The ride may not be smooth and straight at first, but it will get better.

So let the riding begin...

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